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The “Dangerous Instrumentality Law” in Florida – Just what is it, and how does it affect you?

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Florida’s dangerous instrumentality doctrine provides that the owner of an inherently dangerous tool is liable for any injuries caused by that tool’s operation.  The Florida Supreme Court in 1920, extended the doctrine to motor vehicles, holding that owners may be held accountable for any damages suffered by third parties as the result of the negligent operation of their vehicles, when they are driven by others with their knowledge and consent. … Continue reading

Florida’s Domestic Violence Law – No protection for family members who become third-party victims

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There are two Domestic Violence Injunction Statutes in the state of Florida, Florida Statute 741.30 and Florida Statute 784.046.  The most commonly filed injunction is the one filed under Florida Statute 741.30.  In order to obtain a Domestic Violence Injunction under this statute you must first qualify as a person protected by the statute. In order to determine if you qualify as a person protected by the statute you must look at Florida Statute … Continue reading

Protecting Your Child On The Internet

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Internet Safety Tips to Implement First, you should make sure that your home computer is in a common area and not in your child’s bedroom.  You should supervise your child’s computer activities: websites visited, chatrooms, instant messages.  Advise your child to NEVER give out their:  age, name, address, phone number.  They should also not give out their parents names or workplaces, the name of their school or any passwords.  … Continue reading

Vacation Tips Keeping Your Home Safe While Your Away

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Cartoon burglar stealing a tvIf you are going away on a vacation, weekend away from home or business trip your home could be the target of burglars. Taking a few extra steps could make all the difference in the world. First, do not discuss your absence in public, and do not give information about … Continue reading

Miranda Rights – When must they be read?

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Our Miranda Rights developed out of a 1963 case in Maricopa County, Arizona.  Ernesto Miranda was accused of armed robbery of a bank worker and was arrested by police.  Miranda was never offered an attorney.  Miranda had a record for armed robbery, … Continue reading