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Help I’ve Been Arrested!  What Comes Next?

If this is your first time being arrested, you are probably wondering anxiously what comes next?  You must be brought before a criminal Judge within 24 hours.  The Judge will advise you of the criminal charges filed against you and whether or not you can be released on your own recognizances or on bond.  If there is no bond, you must get an criminal law attorney to file a Motion to set a bond.  The next step is the arraignment which takes place about 30 days after your arrest, it is at this hearing you enter your plea of not guilty.  If you have a criminal law attorney, much of the preliminary hearings are covered by the attorney and you may not have to attend them all.  If you have a public defender representing you, you will likely have to attend all hearings.  After the arraignment, your criminal law attorney, be it private or public defender, will begin to request and receive the evidence the state has against you.  Likewise, if you have evidence of your innocence that you plan to use at trial, this must be disclosed to the prosecutor.  After your criminal law attorney has obtained or viewed the evidence the State plans to use against you he or she will advise you whether or not they believe you will be successful at trial.  If you do not have a good case to take to trial, the criminal law attorney begins to enter plea negotiations with the prosecutor.

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Attorney B. Elaine Jones is a Brandon criminal law attorney who has been practicing in the Brandon and Tampa Bay area for over 15 years.  Attorney Jones took on her first criminal case in 1995 after learning she had passed the Florida Bar Exam.  The client was looking at a maximum of three 15 year sentences for three 1st degree felonies, and being labeled as a sexual predator for life.  Attorney Jones was able to negotiate a plea agreement that only involved probation, court costs and fines, and attendance at a sexual offender class but he was not labeled a sexual predator for life.  Since that first criminal law case, Attorney Jones has litigated and negotiated numerous criminal cases successfully for her clients.  Attorney Jones will work your case to achieve the best possible outcome for you.  If you are looking for the truth about your criminal case and not some unfulfilled promises, the Brandon and Tampa Bay criminal attorney for you is B. Elaine Jones.

If you want B. Elaine Jones to help bring justice to your case, now is the time to schedule an appointment.  Call 813-681-8383 mention you visited the website and receive a free consultation. 

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