Domestic Violence Lawyer in Tampa, FL

Take the proper steps today to ensure your rights are properly represented and aggressively defended. The Law Offices of B Elaine Jones & Associates, P.A. has ample experience handling domestic violence cases all throughout the greater Tampa area. Take action as soon as possible to ensure you receive the best defense possible.

If you are facing charges for a domestic violence offense in Tampa, contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Waiting until it is too late can come with disastrous consequences. Your very first priority whenever you are involved with the criminal justice system should be to retain the services of a skilled legal representative who can create the proper defense strategy.

The Law Offices of B Elaine Jones & Associates, P.A. strives to maintain an open line of communication so you can be up to date with any major developments. Together, we can fight to secure a more favorable outcome, reducing or eliminating the domestic violence charges against you or quickly resolving your criminal law dispute. Call (813) 681-8383 today.